Hannah Gostonczik



Hannah is originally from Wisconsin, but has lived in many different states/countries including Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, and Australia. Hannah is no stranger to life in the golf industry and started playing golf when she was five years old. She is the current PGA Works Fellow and loves her job at the Carolinas PGA Section. When she's not at work, Hannah enjoys traveling, golfing at new courses, hiking in the mountains, and time at the beach.

Why am I doing this?

My family and I have always been supportive of military members and their fight for our freedoms as Americans. My grandfather, uncle, and boyfriend are all Veterans and I respect the sacrifices they've made for our country. I am participating in 100 Holes of HOPE because I've seen first hand how PGA HOPE has impacted Veteran's lives and would like to raise money so more Veterans can participate in our programs.

Goal: $300