Harold Hill

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I'm a veteran who participates with PGA HOPE and have observed the benefits of golf therapy with veterans who are suffering with disabilities. Some vets have resorted to being reclusive by staying at home, but PGA HOPE has helped many come out to golf courses enjoying camaraderie with other vets while learning about playing golf. The health benefits are numerous to those who have unselfishly sacrificed of themselves for our way of life. We have an opportunity to help those who have helped our nation by supporting the 100 Holes for HOPE.

Why am I doing this?

I retired from the United States Coast Guard Reserve for 31 years and retired from law enforcement after 34 years of service. I continue to try making a difference by helping other veterans in conjunction with PGA HOPE. Golf is a great game, especially during this pandemic, because golfers are outside getting sunshine, fresh air, walking and riding; and challenging their minds and body swinging clubs to land balls in a targeted area. I will continue serve as long as I breathe.